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May 2, 2018



Edited: May 2, 2018

So I love this deck archetype and put my spin on it. Played a few iterations so far, but this is my latest. Took a slightly different build to my LGS and did OK. Went 2-1 barely loosing to goblins because I was stuck on one green land with three Rancor's in hand.




Any feedback is welcome.


Keep brewing!!



May 3, 2018

I like the hunger of the howl pack in the deck since its easy to activate here. Whats the thinking behind the tortured existence? What creatures are you trying to recur? Perhaps include grave scrabblers since they are a value add here.


Here is my Aristocrats Deck I played a few months back, its white/black, but maybe you can gleam something outta it:


May 3, 2018

Hunger of the howl pack is an all star in this deck. Tortured Existence is very strong when you need to turn the corner late game. You definitely do not want it in your opening hand, but being able to buff you guys and create 3/3 boars repeatedly is amazing. Hence why only a 2 of. I thought about Grave Scrabbler, but since I am running such a low manna curve I cut it.


I very much like your deck, I would find a way to include Hunger of the Howl Pack for sure. I like Nantuko Husk and was thinking about including it in my list.


Thanks for the feedback!

May 4, 2018

Thinking about it, I missed the madness part of Grave Scrabbler, that seems busted with Tortured Existence and I see now why you recommend them.

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  • So here is my first pass at a mill deck UB https://manastack.com/deck/dimir-mill-42 It was a blast to play and I think i discovered a few weaknesses. I went 1-2 for the night. Round 1 was against Alex and the land denial deck. Playing 8 islands was a huge problem as he shut me out of blue before i had a chance to get the mill going. It was frustrating having 7 mill cards and can't play them! Round 2 was against my white deck, I let Nicholas borrow it so I knew the match up pretty well. I went 1-2 in that match up. The addition of Augurs helped a ton for blockers, but i think I need more fog effects as I came extremely close to milling him out game 1 (like 4 cards left in library). I am thinking lethargy trap would buy me some time and perhaps whiplash trap as well. Round 3 was against Bill, who plays a completely random deck each week and pretty sure more than 60 cards. I lost game one and milled him out game 2. Game 3 drug out and I would have probably won, but it was late and had to get going so I gave him the win. All in all, when it works it is amazing. I just need a few options to buy me 1-2 extra turns which always seems to be the case with Mill. I think I am going to switch to an esper version as white life gain really would have helped keeping me in this. I don't want to go green as Turbofog is already a great deck, just takes sooo long to mill them out. I want a fast esper one so going to start brewing that!