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Apr 20, 2018

UB Mill


So here is my first pass at a mill deck UB



It was a blast to play and I think i discovered a few weaknesses.

I went 1-2 for the night.


Round 1 was against Alex and the land denial deck. Playing 8 islands was a huge problem as he shut me out of blue before i had a chance to get the mill going. It was frustrating having 7 mill cards and can't play them!


Round 2 was against my white deck, I let Nicholas borrow it so I knew the match up pretty well. I went 1-2 in that match up. The addition of Augurs helped a ton for blockers, but i think I need more fog effects as I came extremely close to milling him out game 1 (like 4 cards left in library). I am thinking lethargy trap would buy me some time and perhaps whiplash trap as well.


Round 3 was against Bill, who plays a completely random deck each week and pretty sure more than 60 cards. I lost game one and milled him out game 2. Game 3 drug out and I would have probably won, but it was late and had to get going so I gave him the win.


All in all, when it works it is amazing. I just need a few options to buy me 1-2 extra turns which always seems to be the case with Mill. I think I am going to switch to an esper version as white life gain really would have helped keeping me in this. I don't want to go green as Turbofog is already a great deck, just takes sooo long to mill them out. I want a fast esper one so going to start brewing that!

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  • So I love this deck archetype and put my spin on it. Played a few iterations so far, but this is my latest. Took a slightly different build to my LGS and did OK. Went 2-1 barely loosing to goblins because I was stuck on one green land with three Rancor's in hand. https://manastack.com/deck/pauper-aristocrats Any feedback is welcome. Keep brewing!!